Electric Power Supplies and Power Converters

Jäger Elektrotechnik represents innovation in Electrical Engineering – Your specialist for Power Supplies and pulsed Power Converters.

Since the early 80s, we have developed and manufactured different power supply systems on behalf of various nuclear research institutes. These power supplies have very high requirements on precision, stability, ripple and control quality. We realize power supplies according to customer specifications and meet all demands whether single or series production.

In November 2009, the Heidelberg Ion-Beam Therapy Center (HIT) was opened for cancer treatment with ion beams. The power supplies required to supply this accelerator facility were manufactured by Jäger Elektrotechnik GmbH. More than a hundred power supplies are feeding one of the world’s unique accelerator systems for cancer therapy with ion irradiation.

Based on our long experience and know-how, the production of power supplies and power converters for accelerator technology is one of our core competencies.

These include, for example, Switched-Mode Power Supplies with digital control for feeding superconducting magnets of particle accelerators. The Power Supply Units achieve power ranges up to 100 kW. With suitable converter technology we can achieve DC currents up to 20 kA. The switching frequencies, depending on the requirements, are between 5 and 25 kHz. The current ripple is in the range of 10-3 to 10-5 A. Accuracies are achieved up to 10-5. Also units with an integrated electronic High-Speed DC Circuit Breaker have already been realized.  

Another part of our service range are controlled High Voltage Power Supply Units for powering Klystrons. With 6- or 12-pulse power converter circuits, the HV-Power Supplies can handle output voltages up to 300 kV. The power converter is designed with a freewheeling circuit for short-circuits. A Crowbar Protection is hereby no longer necessary.


High Current Power Converter for feeding of superconducting dipole magnets.

  •  max. output current range: 20.000 A
  •  total deviation (∆I/I): 2,5 · 10-4
  •  max. current ramping rate (di/dt): 30 kA/s


For detailed information regarding technical implementation or inquiries about our services please contact us.